Postgraduate Diabetes Diploma

The Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes is a 2-year, part-time, distance learning course which provides high quality diabetes education to healthcare professionals. Although predominantly an online course, we also offer an inclusive 2-day introductory lecture series at the beginning of each year, complete with internationally acclaimed guest speakers. This has been designed to give you a more holistic understanding of the topics and the course, as well as an opportunity to meet your fellow students and expert faculty. Our introductory lectures will be held in Cardiff, Dubai and New Delhi, subject to confirmation.

The Diploma consists of 6 modules, each lasting 10 weeks, to include 3 core modules and a selection of 3 out of the 9 optional modules. By selecting your optional modules, you are able to tailor your learning towards those topics which have the most relevance in your workplace and are most closely aligned to your interests.

Students who have successfully completed the Diploma with a mark of merit or above, will be eligible to apply for the MSc Diabetes programme.

Course Structure

Diploma Structure
Figure 1. Diploma Structure

All modules listed above in the structure are also available as Individual/Standalone modules. Please follow the link for further information.

Components of the course

  • The introductory lectures and case discussions help to introduce the key concepts of the modules, allowing course organisers and students to discuss the role of the subsequent online learning.
  • Group activity is aimed at developing students’ skills in generating and evaluating guidelines for the care of people with diabetes. For each module students will work in small groups focussing on various aspects of the subject. The group will develop a document and each individual will evaluate the work with consideration of their own clinical care.
  • An online learning portfolio is used by students to record and reflect on the module as it progresses. Reflection is an important aspect of the course encouraging the clinicians to spend time considering how their practice compares to the themes being discussed in the module.
  • Real-life case problems are available for students to consider and answer. Explanations to the case problems are given and students will be expected to discuss the concepts being tested. Engagement in case problems is highly motivational for students and is perceived as being valid for their clinical work.
  • Summative assessments of case problems will be presented to directly test the clinical reasoning and knowledge objectives of the module.
  • Online, threaded discussion groups facilitate conversation between students and tutors are an integral part of the course to allow students to be assessed on their contribution to and comprehension of the course.

How to Apply

Learn more about the application procedure and entry requirements on Cardiff University Course Finder

IDF Recognition

Facts Sheet

As an experienced GP the diploma course revealed to me a vast repository of unknown unknowns. It did of course direct me to find the answers. Covering the full breadth of diabetes practice this new knowledge has been in daily use in my practice since.

Dr Richard Cribb GP Partner
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